Forgotten Realms

Crypt of Dockalong

Episode 38

Session 1

Investigated the ruins of an ancient civilization around the country side.
Found the entryway to the crypt and encountered the mad monk guarding the site.
Suntist triggered Spiked Rock trap and Scythe trap.

Session 2

Shevarra hired cleric Ramas to aid party in quest.
Party entered crypt behind secret door.
Entered the Room of Eight Arrows
Suntist was injured numerous times by traps in The Room of Eight Arrow.
Entered the Hallway of Statues
The Library where Ameila was pulled up to the ceiling by a hybrid spider/flesh golem.
Deeg opened the book of Vacuous Grimiore and risked loosing his mind to the absolute emptiness of the book.
Shevarra recovered the Scriptum Mallus and fought off the infectious scab curse.
Amelia found the Rhyme of Shards parchment
The Scrying Room contained hellwasps in unfinished flesh golem suits and a crystal ball holding the first piece of the True Death shard.
From there the party found a wall separating the room in half, Shevarra found a secret door and decided to follow the door while Suntist scaled the wall.
Beyond the wall was an illusionary floor which housed a darkness spell, Silence spell and two gargantuan black pudding / gelatinous cube hybrids.

Session 3

Ramas the cleric decided he was no longer interested in the crypts and used a scroll to leave.



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